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Re: Who would you love to see cast in the next series?

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see this other thread
Where's the fun in just looking up old, tired, and wore out threads, when we can begin fresh and start anew?

I nominate 44 year old Michael Weatherly from NCIS. A real good looking guy, with a nice wide acting range. Just right for starship Captain.

I wouldn't mind seeing the whole NCIS team in the next Trek series.

Imagine Gibbs as Captain, DiNozzo as Number One, Ducky as the ship's doctor, Abby as science officer and McGee at OPS. Maybe add Ziva and/or that new female character as well.


Now it's alla about coming up with a plausible story how they were transferred to the 24th century.

As for NCIS, it still shines like a big beautiful diamond in my TV series garden, in contrast to all dissapointments with lousy series, hopeless reboots, good series cancelled and menaningless chaarcter destructions I'd to witness the last 10-15 years.
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