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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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Speaking of not being cohesive, wasn't it season 1 where we learned Fae and Humans don't get married to each other without bad things happening? If so, why could Hale marry Kenzi?
I'm guessing the sword in his torso is an indication that he couldn't. In that case, that was the most consistent thing about the last couple of eisodes.

Alas I was out of town and missed last week's ep. I did see the "death" scene on youtube, but didn't know until last night that the human druid was the guy who killed him.

If Hale died because of Kenzi, why did the human druid "get" to do the deed?
That one I can't help you with. I'm still kinda the noob here...

Well, how about: "Kenzi is indirectly responsible because she's the reason the druid could survive Hale's attack on him."
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