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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

One of the things that I was hoping for from the finale was that we would get an explanation of why the story had to start with meeting Robin in McLaren's.

For the last several seasons, I had thought that the reason the story of how Ted met the Mother started way back in 2005 because he needed to meet Robin in order to be at Barney and Robin's wedding where he would meet the Mother. But there was something just not quite right about that, because if he was dedicated to sitting down and telling such a long story, he should rightfully have started with meeting Barney 4 years earlier.

Of course Bays and Thomas had no way of knowing 9 years ago how the show was really going to go, but the only indication in the pilot episode of why the story starts there is because it was the day Ted decided he wanted to settle down and get married for the first time.
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