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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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AoS is getting better and better. They linked a good bit to the rest of the series but created more questions. I think May is still on "good" Shield's side and working for Fury. It is neat everyone is keeping secrets from everyone else (including Fitz's "keep it from the rest of the bus")

I also got the feeling they're making room for Triplet to replace Ward or something.

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Pretty good, and reasonably engaging.

I have a major complaint, though. I thought that the agents were slow on the uptake, and jumped to some obviously suspect conclusions. With all three missions going awry, it was an unwarranted assumption to suppose that the one where Deathlok showed up was the lead worth pursuing. Since security was breached at all of them, all three missions represented leads worth pursuing. Coulson seemed to recover from that by the end of the episode, by realizing that the retirement home was a false lead and that something else is up, but the realization that they were being strung along should have been made much sooner. Nice bit about switching to the tracker round, though...
Only May's group went south. Ward's group had suspicious indications (closed prison Shield didn't know was closed) but Coulson's issues could have been coincidental.
True, only the retirement home actually went south. Could have been coincidental means also could have not been coincidental. They're after their nemesis, those were supposedly the three best leads out of 13, and all three turned unfavorable at the very least.

Looking ahead, it seems that they aren't going to get a chance to follow up, even if it does occur to them, because Hand's death order is going to intervene. But I do hope we find out whether all of the potential psychics have been recruited for something.
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