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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

So, interesting Teddy Roosevelt fact... He was married twice. The first time to the live of his life. She died after shortly after giving birth to their second child. The second, to a friend.

While visiting his sister and baby Alice on Christmas, he was reintroduced to an old friend, Edith Carrow. During his childhood years, Theodore and Edith had been sweethearts of sorts. While away in Europe for the first time, Teddy had written Edith all about his adventures. As a young girl and teenager, Edith had always assumed the two would someday eventually marry. For some unknown reason, however, the two stopped talking suddenly, soon after Teddy left for college but before he met Alice Lee. Edith later claimed that Teddy had proposed to her and that she declined at the time, saying she was not yet ready. In a letter to his sister, Theodore simply writes that he and Edith had a disagreement, but neglects to mention why. Edith congratulated Teddy at the announcement of his engagement to Alice, but truly felt crushed. When the two met again in 1885, Edith's hopes of marrying Teddy were renewed. Roosevelt, however, was more reluctant to marry again. He had always regarded marriage as sacred and had believed that marrying twice for any reason either showed a flaw in character or, in the case of the death of a spouse, unfaithfulness. It had also been less than two years since Alice had died, and Theodore felt extremely guilty for having even thought of loving Edith. But, after months of deep thinking and with the encouragement of his friends and remaining family, Theodore proposed to Edith in 1886. The two married in December of the same year.
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