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Re: It's "Be kind to the computer illiterate" week.

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Its more a question do I spend the money on an upgrade program for home, or do I wait a little while and buy a new computer with 7 on it.

Of course, the next question I guess I should ask is how long will 7 be supported and should I go straight to 8?
You're going to have a harder time getting 7, the longer you wait, since MS wants everyone on 8 now. If you have a computer old enough to still be running XP you are likely due for a full system upgrade anyway.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 ends next January. Extended support ends in January of 2020, so patches will continue to be produced for a long while yet.

The current version is 8.1 which is supposedly an improvement over most of what people hated about 8.
If your computer runs XP, there's a pretty good chance you can't run 8.1 at all, so you might as well just go with 7. As I've looked into upgrading my computers at home I've found that NX bit support, which is required by 8.1, is lacking in two of the three computers I have at home. They'll run 7 just fine, and are powerful enough to run 8.1, but 8.1 won't install once it sees that the computer doesn't have NX bit support. In the case of one of my computers, the CPU supports it, but the motherboard manufacturer neglected to add support in the BIOS. If you want to check your computer, go here.
Computers are like the God of the Old Testament: lots of rules and no mercy.
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