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Re: WTH is the NCC1701-D "the Flagship"?

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Oh definitely. One of my favourite things about TOS was how Enterprise was 'just another ship', it wasn't seen (in universe) as being anything more special than any other. But as you say, Roddenberry's 'fetishization' of the Enterprise in-verse in his novel of TMP seemed to open the floodgates towards her being seen as a 'special' ship, and her crew as 'living legends'. IMO it actually makes them less interesting.
In Roddenberry's defense, his conceit in the TMP novel's prologue was that he assumed the role of a 23rd-century drama producer who had made Star Trek as a dramatization of the real adventures of Kirk and his crew -- taking some admitted dramatic license with many of the details. So he needed a justification for why it was the Enterprise rather than some other ship that got selected for such an adaptation.
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