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the vocal majority of fans demanded 4:3
There were just as many people clamoring for a 16x9 version.
Sorry, that's not how I remember the various TNG aspect ratio discussions in the different forums in late 2011 and early 2012, to me it seemed like 75% advocated 4:3 with the other 25% were being discredited as a minority that didn't understand "art" (I consider Star Trek the art of entertainment, not necessarily the art of cinematography, especially considering many first time directors working on the series).

And the widescreen supporters didn't ask for a rigid zoom to do a debatable 16:9 frame extraction but instead to access the unseen areas on the camera negative to get a wider image and thus to reduce the need of unnecessary trimming at the bottom and especially the top (there is a high probability that studio equipment would not clutter up the sides of close-up shots like the example I just linked to).

The equipment is a problem in full shots like this example from "Lonely Among Us".
However, I don't believe the composition would look any good with all the action in the center and all the expendable areas (even without equipment) in the image, too.
In such cases a widescreen image extraction from the existing 4:3 area could seem like the option yielding the most satisfactory results.

Of course, which was already true for TNG, this just constitutes extra remastering work (= costs) and tasteful decision making to achieve an optimal and good looking widescreen extraction and presentation.

If it is true that sales figures of TNG have started to dwindle down (which I find hard to believe because Seasons Four through Six have the best stories to offer, IMHO) because audiences have now "gotten used" to the breathtaking picture resolution of TNG in HD, CBS might be inclined to get better sales figures for DS9 on Blu-ray by announcing "For the first time in high definition and widescreen".

Whether that is going to happen or not remains entirely speculation, I just think we shouldn't exclude that possibility and be prepared.

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