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Re: WTH is the NCC1701-D "the Flagship"?

Timo wrote: View Post
It's not the ship that's being honored, it's Kirk, the first time around.
Now we're ditched. Do we prefer an Enterprise-centric vision for Star Trek or a Kirk-centric one? (Personally, I go with the first since I've heard only good things about either Captain April or Pike)

Timo wrote: View Post
Wouldn't explain NCC-1305-E, though, unless Captain Okita got given a replica of his old starship, too.
In my world, the prefix "13" would indicate a Baton Rouge Class starship, possibly suceeded by a sister ship of the TOS Enterprise, NCC-1305(-B).

Here is my try to rationalize the registry inconsistency in TNG:

WORF: Captain, there's another vessel approaching in sector zero nine one, mark two six.
PICARD: On screen. Magnify.
RIKER: It's a Federation ship. NCC 1305-E. It's the Yamato, our sister ship.
WESLEY: The Yamato's nowhere near this quadrant.
(WORF is growling.
RIKER: Lieutenant, what's your problem?
WORF: Family history. One of my ancestors served aboard a Klingon ship destroyed by the original Yamato in this war.
RIKER: Their war, not yours!
PICARD: Number One? (getting close to Riker) I suggest that we henceforth exclusively use the other NCC registry.)



Worf's (never revealed) later reaction to the destruction of the Yamato in "Contagion"

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