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I hate to steal Thread names but it was easier than say "Cochran Era Trek" which didn't quite fit.

Anyway, there is a Trek thread in of all places the Pathfinder RPG Forum. The guy who came up with this thread said he didn't like Enterprise and wanted something that came before it and didn't have all the Antigravity and other things that keep you from being smashed to the back of the ship (SIF I believe is one of them). He had this idea of people wearing armor as they went to warp.

A friend of mine once said he hated that trek ships were so big inside and that it would be nice if they were more like submarines.

I got a reply that the reason for that was so cameras could move around (trek sets don't have ceilings) and the claustrophobia went out with the 50's and 60's.

I just wanted to know what people thought of a trek that took place say after Cochran's first flight but before Enterprise.

Also what about a hero ship that was more claustrophobic in some way. There could be a compromise to have open spaces too. Maybe it could be like the Oberth.
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