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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam, follower of Dr. Sevrin and the grooviest player of - whatever that instrument was - in the known galaxy.
B if for B'Etor. Sister of Duras, shower of cleavage.
C is for Chekov. Expert in everything but the English language.
D is for David Marcus. Bastard son of Captain Kirk.
E is for Elas, the homeworld of a warrior race that was led in 2268 by the female Dohlman named Elaan.
F is for Finnegan, Kirk's nemesis at the Academy.
G is for Gravimetric fluctuation.
H is for Holoemitters.
I is for Ingraham B.
J is Jaffen, Janeway's piece of crumpet while she worked a few shifts.
K is for Klingon Dahar Masters.
L is for Lore. Soong-type Android. "Brother" to Data, didn't play well with others.
M is for M class planet, the type which most of the folks in the Trek neighborhood called home.
N is for Natasha, the full first name of Security Officer Yar aboard the new Enterprise-D in 2364. She usually went by Tasha.
O is for Ogawa. Alyssa was Crusher's able nurse in sick bay.
P is for the Potemkin, William Riker's assignment when he was a lieutenant around 2361.
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