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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

I agree the poster who said that all the character growth was thrown out with the finale (and the whole last season). The series started to lose me in the last 3 seasons. I really just have to learn to stop watching a series when it no longer resonates with me. I tend to finish them out just because I have invested so much time in the show and the characters.

But, I must learn to step away. Finales like The X-Files, BSG, Lost, Dexter and numerous others puts a damper on my enthusiasm for the series as a whole. My BSG and Lost box sets have been donated. I am keeping Dexter up to the season 4 finale (which would have made a great series finale). The X files stays.

I know the creators told the story they wanted to tell, but I am not obligated to pretend I like it just because they saw it through. I am very disappointed with the outcome and I'll happily express that when friends ask for Netflix recommendations.
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