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Re: TMP: The return of main characters - questions and thoughts

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As for McCoy, he resigned from StarFleet due to his protest against Kirk's promotion. It's very good explanation.
He quit because Kirk got a promotion? That's a terrible explanation. Does his entire world revolve around Kirk?
I haven't read it in awhile, but McCoy's losing argument was that Kirk is that unique quarterdeck breed and admiralcy is the wrongest call possible -- pretty much what Spock sez in TWOK.

I think the idea is that he finds it reprehensible that they're doing this, that they convinced Kirk, and that resignation was the only form of protest left to him. In fact, the novel PRIME DIRECTIVE may have drawn on some of this, with McCoy doing more than just bitch at an admiral - he actually slugs him over the mistreatment of Kirk & co regarding their part in a planet having a nuclear war while they were in orbit. (the admiral in PD is a lot more interesting than Nogura in GR's TMP.)
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