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Re: TMP: The return of main characters - questions and thoughts

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Some of The Lost Years is based on backstory from Gene Roddenberry's novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was written concurrent to the film's production. It's a fascinating read, to see how the man himself imagined his characters and universe.
I have read TMP-book. It's quite short and very close to movie.
But, again, I didn't find any explanation for Spock's decision to reject his human half.
An explanation was given almost as soon as Spock appeared in the book--he was having personal issues at the time and he blamed it (or his inability to reconcile it) on his Human half.
As for McCoy, he resigned from StarFleet due to his protest against Kirk's promotion. It's very good explanation.
Spock left Starfleet to do something else. That's a very good explanation too.
In TMP Spock acts as a child, if he has no strong reasons to start Kolinahr.
Well, in that sense, McCoy also acted like a child by leaving Starfleet just because they ignored his advice about Kirk.
This procedure is very similar to self-murder (he kills his half). And it's very similar to betrayal (towards his mother).
Not at all. The Kolinahr is simply a discipline, not too unlike joining a special order. Amanda would still be Spock's mother and it would actually be illogical for him to deny it even if he hadn't failed.
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