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Re: Doctor/Seven Thread

Hey Acorn I'm embedding your vid

To embed them you copy the address of the youtube, NOT the embed code which doesn't work on this forum, just the address. Paste it in between these codes:

[ yt ]YOUTUBE URL HERE [ /yt ]

Remove the spaces between the ['s and the letters etc.., I have to put the space in otherwise you won't see it.

That was a lot of fun, I'm sympathetic to D/7 though I may have particularly liked it because of the breaking up with Chak part LOL. I do wish both 7 and Janeway would give Chak the flick and fall into each others arms! But the EMH is charming and self absorbed and often delightful and..

You know if he was not a hologram he'd have quite a few women after him on Voyager.

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