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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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I guess I was wrong about Bo and Lauren still being together. If they did break up, I totally missed it. But then, the writing this whole season doesn't seem to be very cohesive. Like, why is Trick suddenly acting like a bad guy?

Was Trick acting bad or just talking with the Morrigan?

I'm still unclear why Trick erased Raynor from history, (it was Raynor, right? It wasn't the Wanderer, was it?) and how did the Wanderer get to be Bo's dad if he's a demon in hell? (They did say he was Bo's daddy last night, right?)

Speaking of not being cohesive, wasn't it season 1 where we learned Fae and Humans don't get married to each other without bad things happening? If so, why could Hale marry Kenzi?

Speaking of Bo and Kenzi, why was Kenzi on one side of the funeral aisle and Bo/Tamsin on the other last night? Are you telling me that enough Dark Fae attended that they rated the left side of the service?
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