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Re: WTH is the NCC1701-D "the Flagship"?

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What I find stupid it's NCC-1701 seems to be the only registry number to have been reused in the time.
Reusing a registry is a strange way to "honor" a ship anyway. What next, give the next ship down the line the old shuttles of the predecessor?

We do supposedly have the Yamato, NCC-1305, honored the same way...
I do think a good rationalization is possible, if we look at some of the accomplishments of the TOS Enterprise humiliating the Romulans:
  • crippled a Romulan Bird of Prey testing a cloaking device and a new weapons system near the Neutral Zone ("Balance of Terror")
  • apparently had further (successful) skirmishes with Romulan ships (Sulu in "The Deadly Years")
  • defeated a Romulan ship near Tau Ceti ("Whom Gods Destroy")
  • escaped Romulan Birds of Prey with the "Corbomite Bluff" ("The Deadly Years")
  • stole Rumulan cloaking device ("The Enterprise Incident")
If Enterprise's name and registry didn't send a strong psychological signal to the Romulans I don't know.
  • Enterprise-C impeded a Romulan ploy attempting to start a Klingon-Federation war and
  • Enterprise-D was the ship establishing contact with the Romulans again in 2364
For the same reason the USS Yamato could have been the hero ship of the Battle of Donatu V.

Of course, by the mid 24th Century the Klingons were the "nice guys", too, so there was no further reason to remind them of the accomplishments of the Yamato.

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