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Re: automated ships a good or bad idea?

Excellent point!

I wonder how the Klingons would proceed with such boarding if there was no surrender... They'd know by now that Starfleet personnel are armed to repel them, so they might not consider it beneath their warrior's honor to beam in a few bombs first (poison, high explosive, mere flash-bang, take your pick). And how would they feel about automated defenses - especially the Federation ones with stun gas and the risk of getting captured alive?

(Boarding a wholly automated ship might pose even greater dangers to a warrior's life and honor. What would it mean to one's reputation to be defeated by an automaton? I gather robotic ore or grain transports and the like are fairly safe from burglary or capture, considering the devious traps one could set aboard, but can of course be destroyed. Robotic dilithium transports, OTOH, might still tempt the bold and the greedy.)

Timo Saloniemi
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