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Re: WTH is the NCC1701-D "the Flagship"?

after the Yamato's destruction, Starfleet reevaluated the whole Galaxy-class concept
...Or, after the encounter at Farpoint, Starfleet reevaluated the whole concept of exploring deep space beyond Deneb, and decided it was safer to stick closer to home after all. Which is why the E-D doesn't do the "where no one has gone before" stuff in the first season, either (except in the episode of that name, and that was by accident).

But could the reason why the Enterprise has been seen to be the flagship in fleets such as in "Redemption" is because it is the Federation Flagship.
Quite possibly. Or then it's just that any Galaxy is a natural fleet kingpin wherever she sails, and there aren't any adventures where a fleet would have to choose between two available Galaxies because a) the camera follows the Enterprise and b) there are very few Galaxies to begin with, and even fewer survive their encounter with the Enterprise!

We have seen other types of starship used as flagship - the Gorkon supposedly was an Excelsior, even if it wasn't perfectly explicit that the ship of that class we saw in the establishing shots of "Descent" actually was the Gorkon.

One wonders what class the unseen flagship in ST:FC was, in a fleet that also included at least one giant Nebula class vessel... Or what sort of a ship the Melbourne in "BoBW" was supposed to be, as she, too, led a fleet featuring Nebula class behemoths. Perhaps it isn't all that unusual for older and/or smaller ship types to lead formations?

What I find stupid it's NCC-1701 seems to be the only registry number to have been reused in the time.
Reusing a registry is a strange way to "honor" a ship anyway. What next, give the next ship down the line the old shuttles of the predecessor?

We do supposedly have the Yamato, NCC-1305, honored the same way...

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