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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

Yet photon torpedoes are always shown leaving their launchers at a snail's pace, compared with the concept of them reaching another ship hundreds of thousands of kilometers away in no time flat, let alone them doing warp. Independent acceleration after an essentially "swim-out" launch is what the visuals would be consistent with.

Perhaps torpedoes attain their speed after launch by firing a separate booster stage? Basically, you shove the warhead into the launch tube, automation adds the booster like one would add the bag of cordite into a cannon after the shell, and both are spat out in a brilliant ball of light that makes it impossible for us to see the booster stage.

A regular torp can then maneuver and, if necessary, slow down using those four engine nozzles astern. K'Ehleyr's gutted probe cannot...

Timo Saloniemi
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