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Re: WTH is the NCC1701-D "the Flagship"?

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TNG is the only show to have used the term "flagship" for Starfleet vessels, and has used it in two distinct ways:

- Picard's E-D is the "Federation Flagship", the showpiece that gets sent to impress newly encountered species.
- Picard's E-D is among the ships that operate as Flagships in commanding starship fleets, although she does so without actually having a flag officer aboard; other ships such as the Gorkon in "Descent" do so with an Admiral aboard.
But could the reason why the Enterprise has been seen to be the flagship in fleets such as in "Redemption" is because it is the Federation Flagship. So whenever the Enterprise is part of fleet if no Flag officer is present command of the fleet automatically falls to the Enterprise Captain.
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