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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

TFTW Smellincoffee!

Kira: Ze death camp, once eet casts eets spell, holds one in eets net of wonder forever.
Worf: Enough with the Jacque Cousteau bit!
Kira: Ze happiness of ze war bébé eez to exist....

Jake: Check it out. The dabo girls are completely clothed.
Nog: <Looks>
Jake: Dumbass.

Nog: Think of all he could do - invent the internet, predict the stock market for the next three hundred years, or prevent World War III with some well-placed phaser technology.
Quark: - and I'm telling you, they're gonna want to cancel Firefly! You must NOT allow it! Fans will be pissed!

Damar: And have we decided what we want to drink yet?
Weyoun: Something with an umbrella in it.
Founder: Weyoun....
Weyoun: I'm sorry, for a minute there I thought I was an adult man allowed to choose his own drink.
Damar: Wife?
Weyoun: Alien shapeshifter bent on galactic domination. So, you're not far off.

Sisko: "Our disaster recovery plan is this: help help"? Are you sure that's Les Misérables?
Eddington: Yes - there's Javert, and there's his dog, Dogbert.
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