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Re: House of Cards - Season 2 (Discussion & Possible Spoilers)

I've just watched all of season 2 in under a week. Wow. My favorite moments were the 10 second breakdown of Frank in episode 9 and Claire in episode 13. It showed their deeply shoved down humanity.

I have to wonder what's next for season 3. It can't simply be the Underwoods losing their grip on the presidency. While it may be interesting to watch how the Underwoods defend their power, it may be too boring unless the Underwoods go over the top in their defense. My personal wish is to see Jacqueline Sharpe and Remy Danton as a couple take on Frank and Claire Underwood, they're the only ones who are as unscrupulous and smart as the Underwoods. Maybe the writers can take a page out of the current political situation in Thailand. Prime Ministers forced to resign, military coup d'etat, puppet prime ministers impeached, the nation split into two camps, parliament forced to disband, elections rigged, re-elections invalidated.. its a real life House of Cards.
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