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Re: History of Starfleet/Starfleet register project

It should be considered, though, that Starfleet is constantly at war. If not with specific cultures, then against Mother Nature herself. Would there ever be an opportunity for a lull in shipbuilding?

Dixonesque (in the good sense) works can build on a roller-coaster pseudohistory easily enough: by taking into account all the source material out there, one ends up with such disparate bits that there are necessarily major changes in Starfleet makeup and major shifts in Federation politics and the fortunes of war and peace for basically every decade between now and the post-TNG years. It might be better to ignore such inconsistencies rather than revel in them, though, as writing your own pseudohistory can be at least as rewarding. And that in turn will easily fit inside the great lacunae of canonical Trek, no matter how topsy-turvy a story you create.

Timo Saloniemi
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