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Re: TOS in the 29th century...

While I'm working this on the model (I'm near having the hangar section done) in the back of my mind I'm beginning to toy with two concepts. They would reflect the aesthetic approach I took with the Enterprise, but now I'm pondering design concepts for a Starfleet shuttlecraft and a Rihannsu (Romulan) Warburd.

This design for the Enterprise was greatly inspired by the work of some SF artists, particularly John Berkey and Vincent DiFate, but there were others as well such as Syd Mead. Since this was a reset/rebooted vision I jettisoned perhaps most of what had been done on Star Trek and sci-fi in film and television.

What I wanted to keep from the original:
- a clean, streamlined aesthetic with just the right balance of additional detail for a well integrated look.
- the essential saucer, secondary hull and nacelles concept.
- some basically familiar shapes to evoke the original MJ design yet still manage its own integrated look.

The main saucer hull is basically the MJ design but made somewhat more husky, almost as if it had been over-inflated. I eliminated the familiar bridge dome and B/C deck section for something different (which I'm currently working out). The dorsal made heftier overall in relation to the saucer resulting in a sizeable amount of room in that section. The support pylons are variations of those from the TMP refit, but again they are heftier in relation to the secondary hull. The hangar section is (like the saucer and dorsal) conceptually similar to the MJ original and the fantail is exaggerated.

The nacelles and the secondary hull are the biggest departure from MJ's original design. When I began sketching I tried some quite extreme shapes which were mostly an exercise in eliminating things I wouldn't use. But this approach can lead to interesting results as you find yourself considering things you mightn't have envisioned before. It pushes your comfort level. The lines of this design in profile suggests speed and something of leaping forward. When I considered using a different setup for the navigational deflector it allowed me more flexibility. And I deliberately tried lines and shapes that struck me as odd at first.

The nacelles might seem small (in profile) in relation to the ship given we are accustomed to a design with proportionately larger nacelles. But I wanted to think of advanced science and technology where size wasn't always an indicator of power. I wanted the nacelles to look integrated with the rest of the ship. Structurally they look well supported by the swept style pylons.

In terms of colour I envision it in varying tones of light grey or silver. The red and yellow of the Starfleet signage will remain although I will tweak the style. The font style will be different.

I toyed with different registries.

In the end I lean to keeping 1701 because it still works. If this were to be a farther future Enterprise set something after TNG then I would lean to 17001 or 71001. I was never of a fan of a suffix added to a registry.

In terms of sister ships I was initially considering the following: Enterprise, Excalibur, Valiant, Intrepid, Kongo, Challenger, ShiKahr and T'saio.
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