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Vulcanian said:
jon1701 said:
I still dont think this will happen any time soon, if at all.

I just dont see the demand. We are not exactly crying out for an "up rezzed" version of TNG. Also, its going to take forever. They are currently knocking out the TOS at the same speed that they produced the original show. One a week.

Are we going to wait another 7 years for the TNG stuff to be remastered?

I think not.
Thank you, that was well said.
Assuming they finish TOS remastered in 2009, we can expect the box set of TNG-HD to debut sometime in the summer of 2016.

DS9 will follow in 2023, but by the time Voyager arrives on HD (in 2030), DVD's will be replaced by a 3 dimensional media player installed in a chip on the back of your hand. Entire seasons can be downloaded instantly by touching a special panel on the back of your PC. This will process the signal directly through your fingers, up your arm and into your brain.
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