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Re: What are you reading?

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Started Dan Simmons' Hyperion the other day... almost gave up when I found out it was a collection of short-stories tied loosely together, but read the first one as I found it rather entertaining in an old-school-SciFi manner. The second story was less so, but I found that I could skip most of it -so I continued reading... But after having read the first page of the third story I gave up.
I actually pity you. You're missing out on one of the greatest science fiction book series' ever.
Just to give you an idea, the first novel, being a great collection of short stories, is basically the set up for The Fall of Hyperion, and the sequel Endymion two-parter.
Took me some time, but after having dragged myself through the first two volumes and still not having read anything but a build-up to some ending that might (or not?) come in the fourth volume of this novel I am finished with it -and, sorry 'bout this, I actually pity the people who find this long-winded fantasy-novel in several volumes even remotely enjoyable

I've Read one or two more of the Revelation Space-books -Which I also didn't find very satisfying, not even if they actually did have plot-twists that were able to surprise me every now and then.

I did, however, enjoy the Manifold Trilogy.

I also enjoyed the (only a bit silly) Greg Egan novel; Quarantine.

The Reeves-Stevens' Memory Prime didn't have any big surprises in the plot, but I found it a very enjoyable read (well... they do write Star Trek very well ).

Yesterday I finished Colossus.
(The technology in the novel isn't as bad as it looked in the film!)
I think I might have read it when I was a kid, shortly after watching the film for the first time I suppose, but this time I noticed so many more interesting things; as a kid I didn't know that the year the book was released also was the year the SAGE computer network was finished ... And if anyone here have read it: did you also think the primary characters drink a bit too much whiskey? -I sit here, the day after, with a strange sense that there wasn't a page in Colossus where someone didn't gulp down a glass of Scotch. (Currently reading: The Fall of Colossus.)

What else? -Oh yeah; I did get a bit further in Hogg, which I still find a somewhat hard read... the rape-scenes really get to me in a bad way. But at least it got me started on some of Delanys SciFi. (currently reading: Nova.)
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