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Re: TWOP is going away

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I won't miss it. It's crazy to have a forum where the threads are 8000 pages long, and you can use every swear word ever invented, but can't post something like "I don't understand why people don't like <insert name of reality show contestant>, can someone explain, please" without getting an infraction. It was a sincere request for information, since I'd missed the season some people were making occasional references to. And I know the bandwidth adds up, but honestly - no avatars, no sigs, no smileys, not even anything basic like the quote button enabled?
Yea that was rather silly. Previously tv lets people have avatars, but they're REALLY small ones. And sigs aren't even there. Not a huge loss in that regard. It would make sense to at least have quote buttons at TWOP. Previously tv at least has that enabled. Makes things A LOT easier.
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