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Re: MLP:FIM S4E20 - "Leap of Faith" - Grading & Discussion

Saito S wrote: View Post
I liked it! And basically for all the same reasons J did, so rather than coming up with things to say about why I liked it, I'll just vaguely point upward.
Well, when it come to saying the right things, I guess I just know how to say what to talk good about.

Peach Wookiee wrote: View Post
J., you said it. I'd also add that this was a tad of a history lesson. There used to be medicine shows like Flim and Flam's. One thing, though. Why didn't AJ take the tonic to Twilight for analysis?
I wondered about that question myself, though would it have mattered? Think about it this way: In truth, Applejack let Flim and Flam tell her what she wanted to hear, if only to keep Granny happy. She let a small lie become a huge one, because she was willing to accept it, even knowing it couldn't possibly work. If she would have taken it to Twilight, her very knowledgeable friend would have been absolutely thorough in her factual analysis (which would have boiled down to 'placebo'), and such proof can be dangerous to a mind who seeks out the warm comfort of a lie.
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