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ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest#46: A Piece of the Action

Welcome to the all new TOS Avatar Contest!

And the winners are:

The Gamesters of Triskelion
Avro Arrow

TOS Theme: Eddie Paskey


Random Theme: Parties!

Congrabulations Avro Arrow! You get a shiny Golden Spock medal!

Congrabulations Leadhead! You get to pick the next TOS Theme! (Since we tied I'm ceding this one too you)

And Congrabulations to bbjeg! You get to pick the next Random theme! Which you've already done. No flies on you!

Once LeadHead's submitted the next TOS theme, we'll proceed with the next contest...

And a big thank you to all the voters and participants.
This weeks themes are:

Episode: A Piece of the Action
The crew of Enterprise struggles to cope with a planet of imitative people who have modeled their society on 1920's gangsters.

TOS Theme: Crew Gone Crazy!
Regular and/or supporting cast.

Random Theme: Space Battles
Not necessarily Star Trek.

Avatars must conform to board rules i.e. Images must be no larger than 150x150px and file sizes of said images no larger than 140kb.

Entries will be accepted for 10 days from the date of this post with the subsequent poll lasting 4 days.
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ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest #78: All Our Yesterdays
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