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Re: Are any of the fanmade Trek productions actually good?

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Nope, they just scrapped the existing footage and my script for Mind Sifter. James posted on FB that someone else was writing a new script and they planned to film it this June.

The footage for "Origins" has problems that won't allow them to finish it as written. Numerous other options have been discussed - including using it as a "flashback" in another episode, or just starting over again as with Mind Sifter. They haven't announced a decision as to what will ultimately happen with it.
That's great that you're still going to film it. I read the New Voyages version decades ago, the original version a few weeks ago, and the folks who write the Valjiir stories (see my sig) did their own take on "Mind-Sifter" with a story arc that delved into the events that happened on-ship during the year when Spock was the captain. No matter which version I've read, the core story is intense, and I'm very glad that someone decided to film it. I look forward to seeing the finished product when you folks are done.
eh...I don't think it's great. There's some really powerful writing and acting that will never be seen. And a story that was very important to both John Carrigan and I will not involve either of us. What a waste!

hehe....we know each other! (I'm the Koenig/Chekov gal) Never saw the Valjiir version of the "on ship" goings on, I'll have to check it out and see how it compares with my own script!

you can check out a couple of the scenes here:
Sorry, looks like I've misunderstood a couple of things. To clarify, the story will still be filmed, but not the version you personally wrote?

Do I know you by another name on another site? Besides TrekBBS, the only other forum where I've ever discussed Valjiir is in a thread dedicated to it on the Alpha Centauri 2 gaming forum. The version of "Shadow Captain" online has been rewritten from the earlier version that I first read when these stories were in the print 'zine In a Different Reality (back in the '80s).
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