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Re: Light Armoured Multi-Purpose Shuttlecraft (Fighter) Tech Manual


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ah, someone who actually gets warp propulson...

Yes, pairs of nacelles are supposedly the "best" for maneuverability and energy efficiency (see TNG Tech Manual). So I figured warp sustainers could also do the same job (that is, steer)... but I point out that it won't do it as well. This I think is fine because the role of this craft isn't to do airshow tricks at warp anyways - it's to get from one side of the star system to another ASAP to beat the crap out of whoever is there (or deliver medical aid, if it's a friendly system).

If you happen to do some 3D work with this, you have my complete blessing, attention, and support.

As for a tech manual... you mean you want to see even more detail than this?!?

So on the story of the Peregrine. I mean, there's some debate over what the Peregrine actually is:
But I have my own ideas. Perhaps a short story some day.

Thanks for the encouragement!
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