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Re: Which races would you have like to see them meet in Season 5 on?

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^ Yep. They had an episode called "Kilkenny Cats" ready to be written, but I don't think it ever made it out of the concept stage. Linky
From comments I've read over the years, "Kilkenny Cats" was pretty much a recycling of DS9's "The Abandoned", with a baby Kzinti being found and raised by the NX-01 crew.
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I grew up assuming TAS was non-canon, so I'm VERY dubious about bringing anything from it into the live action series.
They've been referencing TAS since DS9, throughout ENT and even in TOS-R. ST'09 remade entire scenes from "Yesteryear", including Sarek's entire speech to young Spock about the path of logic (which was told to young Spock by the older Spock in the altered "Yesteryear" timeline, reciting what Sarek told him when he was that age)

The Kzinti backstory (lifted straight from Niven's Known Space universe) would have needed some tweaking to fit into the modern Trek timeline, though. And that's even if they could have reached an agreement with whoever owns the Kzinti (due to this, the Kzin have been renamed M'dok, Mirak and Kythari in licenced Trek novels, videogames and short stories over the years)
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If ENT Season 5 had Kzinti, then it would have ben a great opportunity to create a canon version of the Kzinti and throw out the gigantic impossibility of a "200 years ago" Earth-Kzin War.
First of all, frankly, the idea of the NX-01 crew adopting a baby Kzinti sounds pretty lame.

Second, the references have been a bit more subtle than, say, someone saying "hey, remember the time the Enterprise crew met Satan and he was actually a goodguy?"

Third, as you said, there's a whole legal mess to work out to reintroduce a race from one animated episode (and yes it's almost impossible to reconcile that whole "Earth-Kzinti Wars" stuff with canon history).

Fourth, depicting two-meter tall, furry cat-like creatures would most likely not come off well, given the time and money constraints of a TV series.
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