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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I wonder if in fact we don't just have messed up coloring ideas because of the Micro Machines? Seeing a non-blue Excelsior or a non-yellow Stargazer just makes them look wrong to me.
I don't think so. I have other Excelsiors and Stargazers and the legitimate coloring of them (compared to the micromachines) never threw me.

The Eaglemoss Galor simply doesn't look like it does on the TV screen, or in any physical format I've seen it in. It well and truly looks too brown and not at all the vibrant gold.

As for the Jem'Hadar ship, it's a more subtle difference so I'm willing to overlook it, especially what with it being the first time said ships been made.

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We also have to remember that, while the models may have looked a certain way onscreen under controlled lighting, some of them looked vastly different in person. I was personally shocked to see that the original TNG S1 Romulan Warbird miniature was damn near gray, with just a faint hint of green. The oversaturated green color we all saw on sceen was done either with gels over studio lighting or via color adjustment in post. It is entirely possible that some of these colors may be closer to what they were originally supposed to be than what we actually saw. I can personally attest that model builders mull over this question all the time when it comes to painting their creations. The fact that these models suffer from a similar quandary is unsurprising, and should almost be expected.
Why would they make their Warbird deep green then only to then "correct" the Galor in such a way? It makes no sense.

Yes, the studio model may have been X or Y. But with a rare exception, most products reflect what we see on screen in terms of coloring. Only a few glaring issues like the bright yellow Stargazer micromachine exist. Other stargazers, like the late 90s "strike force" one was done properly, as was the Furuta one.

Honestly, I feel that Eagelmoss just screwed up on this Galor. Which is fine. You've got to give them a mulligan now and then. This is an ambitious and complicated project that's not been done before. I'm more disturbed that so many fans haven't noticed and said such, lol. We're renowned for being nitpicky nuts! How'd we let them slip this one passed us?
Actually its one of the ships I have heard the most complaints over. Though most of them were made with the very first promotional material was released many months ago, as far as coloring goes.

Now a lot of more rabid complaints are about tiny errors in text, markings in reverse, and small errors in physical shapes. Which all seem to get more vocal complaints.
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