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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Can someone here (possibly someone who has read the Guardians of the Galaxy comics) explain to me how Star Lord, a human, gets into interstellar space?

Note: I'm still not clear on whether Nine Realms and/or Chitauri space are different dimensons or just distant areas of Earth's universe.

Note: Sif told Coulson in "Yes Men" that no other races had visited Earth in recent times. However, Chloe Bennet recently claimed that the blue alien corpse was indeed Kree.
I am not sure what exactly the MCU or the Ultimate Universe does to explain the Nine Realms and "real" space, but in the comics IIRC Asgard is in a different dimension to the rest of the universe.

Here is a nice summary of Star Lord's history in the comics. The current version of the character though is from the Annihilation event that happened about ten years ago and rebooted a lot of Marvel's cosmic characters.

From the trailer I suspect that however he got into deep space it happened when he was a child. Assuming the actor is about the same age of the character, the fact that cassette walkmans went obsolete sometime in the early 90's and that the Blue Swede cover of 'Hooked on a Feeling' is from the mid-70's, I'd say he was about 10 year old in the late 80's when it happened.

Which seems to line up with the latest version of his origin as when his mother was killed. Indeed, maybe the song has some personal significance. A memory of his mother perhaps and the last tangible link to home.

I'm just speculating now, but I think it'd be better if they alter the origin a bit to have him abducted by those aliens as a child (intentionally or otherwise.) The idea that he "joined NASA" is a good explanation as to how he got halfway across the universe seems like a little bit of a stretch.

Personally I think the concept of an orphan fending for himself in a (quite literally) alien environment is a lot more interesting than an astronaut who lucked upon interstellar travel just because he wanted to really badly. Oliver Twist in space if you will. Obviously someone out there would have had to have taken him in for a time, maybe even raised him to an extent.

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I think it's clear that Lady Sif does not have full knowledge of everyone who has reached Earth.
I don't disagree, but you'd think Heimdall would have noticed at least. I mean that's his job, no? Those Kree must have been *very* sneaky.

I don't think Chitauri space is another dimension. Whether the Nine Realms are or are not is the big debate (I don't personally think it changes much either way). The main view, however, is all of known space is in Midgard, while the other eight realms are in other dimensions. That means the Chitauri are in Midgard. The portal that opened that gave them a shortcut, iirc from the Avengers, was created with the Space Stone by Loki. I don't think it was a portal to another universe, unless there's something from the comics suggesting that the Chitauri are not from normal space.
Based on how things are presented in the movies, it seems as though all of the Nine Realms are all in the same universe, just spread across the cosmos. As if the Virgo Supercluster is just one "branch" of Yggdrasil. Indeed, isn't an "alternate dimension" just an often used, but technically incorrect way of saying "alternate universe"? Clearly everything is supposed to be in the same universe, even if Asgard itself is somehow isolated (and yet surrounded by stars, moons and planets?)

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