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Re: Why do people judge gamers?

Judging *video* gamers? Pft. Playing video games, even if it's just some phone-based thing like Angry Birds, is common these days. You haven't seen judgmental until you try to explain to someone that you play RPGs with pencil, paper, dice, and books! You kids and your computery games - you won't know what to do with yourselves when civilization ends and there's no power to run your computers and the ionization in the atmosphere wouldn't let them work even if there was! You'll be BEGGING me to run a game for you using the full 3.5 edition D&D library (no PDFs, real honest-to-Zarquon dead tree media) I have squirreled away in my doomsday cellar!

And I'll say, "Get offa mah lawn, SLACKERS!"

As the brilliant philosopher once said... Everybody, have fun tonight. Everybody, Wang Chung tonight.
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