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I walked away from this discussion because it was never my intention to stir the pot but I think I need to clarify my original statement before this goes any further.

The price means nothing to me. I don't have money to burn but I will throw cash at something if I want it badly enough. But my stupidity with money is neither here nor there. My original statement was about my concern with Paramount producing a product that may or may not be viable in three years... like betamax or laser disc before. Instead of waiting until a standard HD format is established I just feel they are throwing products at us without any fore thought or concern for their customers. I also get the impression that they are throwing us an HD bone and if they need to later down the road they will just toss out a blue ray one too. Some of us are not going to keep buying set after set and they need to be a little more aware of that when establishing a marketing/business model for a product. If the TNG sets come along in maybe three to four years (after the studios decide which format they want to go with) than I am all for that but rushing this project along (like the TOS sets) before they need too is not something I am interested in. I would rather wait and be cautious than end up with another box of useless players and products wasting away in the basement.

Hopefully that ramble was a little more coherent than the last one.
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