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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Can someone here (possibly someone who has read the Guardians of the Galaxy comics) explain to me how Star Lord, a human, gets into interstellar space?

Note: I'm still not clear on whether Nine Realms and/or Chitauri space are different dimensons or just distant areas of Earth's universe.

Note: Sif told Coulson in "Yes Men" that no other races had visited Earth in recent times. However, Chloe Bennet recently claimed that the blue alien corpse was indeed Kree.
I am not sure what exactly the MCU or the Ultimate Universe does to explain the Nine Realms and "real" space, but in the comics IIRC Asgard is in a different dimension to the rest of the universe.

Here is a nice summary of Star Lord's history in the comics. The current version of the character though is from the Annihilation event that happened about ten years ago and rebooted a lot of Marvel's cosmic characters.

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