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Hmm. Well, it was posted on YouTube today. The only other videos by that user all feature one of the performers, who has the same last name as the writer/director. Some of the Trek celebrities are credited as associate producers on IMDB. But there's no site for them listed nor any information on what it's about. It almost looks like someone who had connections might have made a vanity project or perhaps it's some sort of charity thing-- that performer mentioned once lived in a homeless shelter and it seems to be one of her personal causes.
Hello, thank you for even discussing our film "Unbelievable", we are grateful, as we are really making the film for Trek Fans. It is a science-fiction comedy about 4 astronauts who are attempting to save earth from an alien invasion but we have cast it with as many great Star Trek stars as we could, the count is currently 29 stars from the various generations of Trek. It has a sort of a Roger Corman/Ed Wood feel of film, with lots of cameos. We wanted to give the fans (us too) a chance to see our stars work on a comedy together, something different but still the actors we enjoy. But nope, there were/are no "connections", we have literally worked from the very ground up, knowing nobody, going to conventions meeting actors/actresses and asking if they would have interest in our film. Sometimes we went through agents but it is a real challenge when you are virtually "new" to the industry. It has been pure grit and continues to be so. And I'm sorry, I do not get the chance to go on many forums and post because we are constantly working to complete the film. We have 3 more days of shooting left and we have almost 90 minutes of the film already edited. As soon as I can post again I will. And yes, the director/writer/executive producer is my husband, we work together with a great team of people who want to make a fun and great movie. Thank you for your support and discussion... Kindest Regards, Fluidity (AF)
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