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Re: New Build, USS Vengeance from Star Trek XII

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I have a problem with the scale of this ship and the Enterprise (Alt). First, the alternate universe might have resulted in a different course (primarily justifying different actors in those roles and maintaining a kind of validity), but it does not justify the Enterprise in the alternate universe being 100x larger than the one in the old universe. It gives the impression that the universe is just made up, because we always have to 1-up ourselves from the previous movie in the most simplest male-competition way of making each new "design" bigger than the last even though we are going back in time. The Vengeance, in the alternate trek time would be coming out well-before the Excelsior and should therefore be smaller than it...or possibly equal to its mass, but not more. I think its more compelling to make it maybe 50% bigger than the Enterprise or possibly double, but certainly smaller than Excelsior. The Enterprise (alt) should be the same length as the original Enterprise.
The Alt Enterprise is 2x the size of the prime Enterprise not 100.

Which makes Vengeance 4x the size of prime Enterprise.
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