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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

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kay, I need forum help here.. which version of tardis dimensional bubble should I use? the one above or this robust full version??

I think that this illustration is inspired. It's beautiful, so my vote is to include this one for sure.

I am happy someone finally voted! thanks. that's one down for the full version.

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what if the acronym was what susan made up, and the actual name, like car, boat, etc.. is really TARDIS, then Tardises would be the appropriate plural name, err.. I think?? right??
Well, if it really were a Gallifreyan word, then who knows how they form their plurals? But as an English word, Tardises or TARDISes would be right in any case -- and it is what they use on the show.

Speaking of back-forming acronyms, not long ago a pair of theoretical physicists came up with a relativistically valid mathematical model for a type of time warp which they called a Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domain In Spacetime. Here's their paper on the subject:

And here's the white paper explaining it for laypeople:
Thanks for this! I shall read both!
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