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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

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Hm, a nanite/liqui-metal combination forming itself into a coral like network to form the basis of the entire structure would still fit.
Hmm, that is actually a neat Idea. I like that. Though I would see that nanite structure forming a coral like substance as more of a lattice like structure similar to the new and widely celebrated carbon nano tubing..which apparently has a natural tendency to form hexagonal truncated forms, which makes it extremely durable and strong.

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I just thought it was interesting that the Radio Times teased the baby Tardis sapling taken from the first one. As really, although it's a baby now, when it achieves adulthood it could travel back, they could have had a Jack from the future turning up with the offspring Tardis. They still might lol.

Something as large and complex (and old) as the Tardis with advanced enough AI could achieve some form of sentience either way.

It's the "permanently dying" star that annoys me, as if it's on the verge of becoming a singularity, the amount of power needed to hold a star about to supernova is probably more than the thing is giving out, and gravitationally very hard to compensate for when inside an already carefully crafted spacetime pocket.
Well when it comes to the permanently dying star, there are ways to modify that to keep it in stasis. If you take for example the Higgs Boson which controls mass, and if the time lords figured out how to modify the quantum strings that comprise all matter, then it would make sense that they could use the Failing star's own gravity against it as a feed back of sorts to hold it in orbit where ever they liked.. modifying the Higgs field around such an object would make it extremely easy to carry off, especially if you took away 99% of it's mass. Or you used the time dilation effect of space time coupled with the energy derived from that failing star, they could make it suspend itself in time. The key to their experiments was definitely figuring that out. A singularity would be too strong to control, and even with taking the nucleus out of the centre of a failing sun, and suspending it indefinitely, that would need an enormous amount of quantum trickery to hold it stable and keep that energy flow coming, in relation to the size of the star's mass.

that mini copy of the original eye of Harmony though quite large in the Tardis, is no where near the scale and size of the actual version they originally took. It was a mathematical model based on the original, which was then set up by a catalyst, and then fed energy directly from the original eye, while being created through block math computation via vibrational signals effecting quantum strings, creating the particles according to the mathematical formula derived from the original eye. To me, it is possible..just not entirely confident of how...........YET...

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Since TARDIS is an acronym: the AP standard for pluralizing an acronym ending in "s" is to use apostrophe-s, hence TARDIS's.
Really? Hmm. I never heard that before. I thought it was never appropriate to use an apostrophe for a plural.

Apparently, MLA says no apostrophe with an acronym, and Turabian allows it only if the acronym contains periods or a mix of capital and lowercase letters. Apparently there are differing conventions, though. The Wikipedia entry says that for abbreviations ending in S, one can use either -'s or -es.

Although it could be argued that "Tardis" has become a word in its own right regardless of its acronymic origins, like radar, scuba, or laser. (Or Taser, a brand name that's actually short for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle," an in-joke reference to the old Tom Swift adventure stories.) So it would be pluralized like any other English word, as "Tardises." Which is the form actually used in the show, in episodes like "Logopolis," "Time Crash" (if that can be called an episode), "Journey's End," and "The Doctor's Wife."
what if the acronym was what susan made up, and the actual name, like car, boat, etc.. is really TARDIS, then Tardises would be the appropriate plural name, err.. I think?? right??
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