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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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But it's not exactly unheard of studios to move a release date which could impact on a film. Both brining forward a release and pushing it back can impact positively or negatively for different reasons.
Well, yes. However, it is one thing to cut a schedule in half by six months especially when a production is in full swing and you have a director that hasn't done a big-budget movie before. 20th Century Fox originally told him the release date was Christmas 2000 and then pushed it up to Summer 2000. Which would have been fine if the production wasn't already on an accelerated schedule. That's just an example of the kind of restrictions Singer had to work with on the previous movies.

Many would consider X-Men and X2 dispite all the issues mentioned here better than X-Men: The Last Stand with it's bigger budget perhaps longer shooting schedule. Yes a longer shooting schedule might have improved those films, but is the bigger differece not so much schedule/budget etc.. but having people like Singer/Vaughen as directors who seem to understand the work more important?
X-Men: The Last Stand didn't have a longer shooting schedule. It filmed for about the same time as the previous movies. The pre-production period was definitely accelerated, though, to make a summer 2006 release date.

Scheduling/budget is a big factor to consider when making any kind of film. Matthew Vaughn was originally suppose to direct X-Men: The Last Stand but departed the project because he felt like he couldn't make the movie he wanted to make in the time allotted. I'm sure there was creative differences at hand as well, but scheduling was a big part of it.

That was a part of Singer's frustration with 20th Century Fox because he felt they never gave him enough time/budget to do what he wanted. Even though many people consider the first couple X-Men films to be very good, there are plenty of people who criticize them for being lacking in vision & scope. Then you see the latest trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past - in which Singer finally had the kind of budget & schedule he always wanted - and you can see the kind of scope & scale that's mightily impressive and arguably greater than any previous X-Men film to date.

Bryan Singer & Matthew Vaughn are obviously more talented than Brett Ratner, but that's not to say that scheduling, budget, resources and time aren't factors for making a good movie. I've seen it all the time. There are countless factors and variables that go into making a movie which is why a great director can make a terrible movie and a terrible director can make a good movie. It all depends on a lot of different things. Great filmmaking is, above all, a synchronized effort where in order for something to work out everything must work in unison. It's like a well-oiled machine - if one thing doesn't work, then it creates a domino effect that affects everything else.
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