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Tomalak said:
Anti_Drone said:
This fan is sick of having his bank account raped by these people.
The classic fan argument. Who says you have to buy it?

Why should others who might want it be denied because you can't afford it?

Reducing a horrific crime like rape to something as petty as this is pathetic. Get some perspective.
It's a classic fan argument because it's a good one. How come Star Trek seasons are 3 times more expensive than other ones? Why the hell is Enterprise over $100 a season when I can by 24, the Sopranos, and just about ANY OTHER show on television for a fraction of the price. FINALLY The Next Generation went down to $50 a season and I was able to buy the entire set all at once... but seriously man, the Voyager seasons I bought are still upward of 80 to 110 dollars a season.

It's ridiculous and we definitely have bitching rights.
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