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In DS9's case, it's the fact that all of the editing was done on videotape. That destroyed the HD resolution right away. From then on, DS9 maxed out at 480i. That's why it has to be remastered for HD.
That explains why it needs to be remastered; it doesn't explain why it needs to be modified.
There are certain things that are obvious mistakes and MUST be modified, such as:

- the second Defiant still having the first one's NX-74205 registry number

- all those ships with no names or numbers at all, particularly Galaxy-class ships in the battle scenes

But those are relatively few.

I think that for most people, those issues really aren't a MUST. There really are only a handfull of continuity-buffs who have huge issues with those things, and CBS isn't going spend a shitload of extra money to have that fixed if all they have to do is re-render excisting files.
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