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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

kay, I need forum help here.. which version of tardis dimensional bubble should I use? the one above or this robust full version??

On page 3, it shows an expanded version of the basic structure and is the view of the ship inside it's dimension, if you were to take that expansive view and add all these rooms, it would be a huge page! running in all directions. But because this view of the ship is from the vantage point of being outside the actual dimensional BUBBLE looking in, which only you and I and maybe the Eternals could ever see, it looks all wound up..

again Refering to page imagine this structure spread all out like that, but with missile silos and weapons factories. When a war TARDIS models its interior on it's exterior shell it would look like an imposing massive city nation of death and destruction. All piloted by 6 Timelords! Amazing!
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