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Just let them die? Well, to be honest, with DS9 and VOY, I do think that scenario is a possibility, yes.
I think, there could be a compromise situation (like for example done with X-Files): The film source material is scanned and cut mostly automatically by software (in 4:3 ratio). Scenes with special effects are upscaled (plus sharpened and color corrected to fit the HD material) - maybe some compromises there with green-screen areas replaced with the SD material (SD picture overlayed with the HD picture, but the green screen area cut out, like with a matte painting).

That would enable CBS to create a 80% HD version of DS9 and VOY for a reasonable price. So if a HD TV station (or internet stream service) wants to braodcast them, CBS can say: There you are.

But it wont be a high quality makeover like with TNG, it will be a quick'n'dirty transfer to HD for DS9 and VOY.

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