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Re: Personal life? What personal life?

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You missed Scotty finally perfecting his transwarp beaming formula some time post-"Relics", which allows transport over extreme distances and from a (relatively) stationary start to a ship travelling at warp.
In the novelverse, Scotty was declared MIA at the end of "Indistinguishable From Magic" in 2283.

Also in the novelverse, Dr. McCoy was still alive and helping with the post-Borg Invasion cleanup in 2381 in "A Singular Destiny"
Well, ok, but how do these books add to Bones and Scotty's personal lives in any tangible way?

William Shatner himself spearheaded a book series that brought kirk back to life, did he not? (haven't read them)

Frankly, while the books themselves can be entertaining, since they can so easily be contradicted by the live-action films I lean more on the films' side of things....
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