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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I got my replacement DS9 with an extra. And my Thunderchild magazine had a huge tare on the cover, so I asked for a replacement mag. They sent me a new mag with a new ship. Anyone else have an experience like this?
I also received a second replacement DS9. I thought initially it was due to my change of address between the time I requested the replacement and the time they actually shipped out the new run of DS9 models, but I've heard others say they received two replacements as well.

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And with the DS9 model, anyone have any ideas on what kind of glue they used? Or any suggestions on how to removed the plyons?
If you're asking how to reattached the removed pylons, I think most modeling glue would work just fine.

I'm guessing the actual issue with them becoming detached has to due with the weather at the time they were released. They're shipping from PA, so they experience extreme cold (around that time it reaching -20 F pretty regularly) which made the seams more fragile, so combine that with the rough treatment most packages receive during shipment and you've got a recipe for broken pylons. Thankfully they're easily fixed.
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