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Re: Members of the Federation.

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And some made no sense at all: Minbari FEDERATION (federation? Really? In a government with nothing but Minbari?)
Well, we have federations here on Earth with nothing but humans. It just implies that several individual Minbari states joined together to form a central government. Or if you prefer, maybe they use that name to represent a federation between the Warrior, Religious and Worker castes.
Some of the background and RPG material justifies it like this; the various clans were independent nations often in conflict, some theocracies, some militant states, many others subjects of the first two; Valen solidified the three caste system by raising the worker clans to (supposed) equal standing and assigning nations to one of the camps. Mostly a convenient means of organizing them all during the war for survival against the Shadows.

And as for the Vorlons, while I think Mr. Laser Beam is almost certainly right - it was just a case of pulling various names out of the air, regardless of whether it really made sense - we could make a case that it's a form of subtle foreshadowing? In that, the Vorlons call themselves an empire because in their mind they've claimed responsibility and authority over the younger nations around them? People looking at the Vorlons might think "where's the subject populations?" My dear observer, you're part of one, you just don't know it. They're a hegemonic empire, not a territorial empire.
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